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HappyDeposit.com / Features
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About Us

HappyDeposit.com is an officially registered company with years of experience in the lending market. We earn with the concession of microcredits to the public. Our profit consists of the interest that we receive from issuing people small amounts for short periods. Despite the seemingly small interest of 600% per day.

Thus, no other financial institution can boast of such earnings. At the same time, everything is licit and legal and the customers are satisfied, as the actual loan payments are extremely insignificant to them.

Agreeing with the fact that getting a microloan of $ 100 for one day will not pose any form of difficulty to return $ 600. If you borrowed the money from friends or relatives without interest, then you have to pay them back the same amount, but with some small gift (a box of chocolates or a bottle of wine) which will eventually lead to about the same cost. Only that there is a risk of spoiling relationships with loved ones.

The microcredit market is constantly growing, so no matter how much finances we have in circulation, this will always be little. We invite you to become part of our financial system and make every day from 600% to 20000% of the money invested. Doesn't it sound impressive? And if so, "you will be rich soon?" Yes, we are ready to share with you the most of the revenues and ensure you profit dozens or even hundreds of times greater than the interest in banks or investment funds.

For example, investing only $ 1,000, every day you earn $ 5,000. If you deposit this money in a bank, then you can earn a maximum of $100. Besides, only a few banks can offer at least 10% per annum. So, it's up to you to decide, whether to freeze money in deposits, hoping to get $100 with every thousand invested, or earn $500 per thousand invested each day with us.

Of course, nothing is perfect, and the world of microcredit has a relatively high percentage of bad loans. According to statistics, it is about 1%. But this is the problem of our company. The excess benefits we receive allows us to cover all delinquent loans and keep good profits, and pay you an honest 600% after 1 day.

In addition, we have partners in more than 100 collection agencies worldwide, 50 of them work in the CIS countries. We also cooperate with the major banks and private foundations. Thus, we are fully confident in what we do and we guarantee you a reliable partnership.

Our legal address:

NY, 11229 US

Certificate of Incorporation:

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